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(EIL 227) Intermediate II Writing

Introduces essay writing and other academic genres; stresses the ability to use increasingly complex sentence structures and grammatical forms in writing.

Credit Hours 4.0 Lecture
Prerequisite None
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  1. Reading
    • Use information from reading sources in your writing.
  2. Listening
    • Use information from listening sources in your writing.
  3. Speaking
    • Summarize notes or writing drafts in speed conversations with a partner.
    • Revise your work by discussing your writing with a tutor or teacher.
  4. Writing
    • Write academic papers.
  5. Vocabulary
    • Employ academic and topic-specific vocabulary in writing.
    • Complete vocabulary questions in unit tests.
  6. Grammar
    • Identify grammatical phrases that accomplish particular acts.
    • Use appropriate grammatical phrases in written work.
    • Complete grammar questions in unit tests.
  7. Learning Autonomy
    • Visit regularly with tutors to evaluate personal language learning goals and progress.
    • Respond to metacognitive reflection questions about personal language learning activities throughout the semester
    • Make use of additional resources (including tutors, books websites) to target individualized language learning needs.