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Japanese Minor

Hours - 17 Credit Hours
Effective Nov. 2016
Last Revision 9/16/2022
Holokai Category: Arts & Humanities
Sponsoring Program: Integrated Humanities
Faculty Unit Assignment: Faculty of Culture, Language & Performing Arts

Program Requirements

Required — 17 Credits

Course Number Title Semester Offered Credit Hours Prerequisites
JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese Conversation and Grammar S 4.0 JPN 102 or Permission of Instructor
JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II F 4.0 JPN 201 or Permission of Instructor
JPN 301 Introduction to Japanese Literature W 3.0 JPN 202
JPN 311 Advanced Intensive Conversation in Japanese S 3.0 JPN 202 or Permission of Instructor
JPN 321 Selected Reading and Grammar in Japanese S 3.0 JPN 301

Additional Program Requirements

All passing grades will be accepted in fulfilling minor or certificate requirements.

Program Outcomes

Upon completing a major in Integrated Humanities, students will:

  • Acquire a meaningful degree of cultural literacy they can employ effectively in everyday life.
  • Become astute observers, interpreters, and critical thinkers.
  • Integrate a range of critical perspectives on a variety of diverse cultural expressions.
  • Understand and manage cultural differences.
  • Be prepared to enter graduate school and the workplace.