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(EIL 353) Listening Fluency

Students increase listening fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary knowledge through extensive listening to self-selected academic lectures, videos, and podcasts.

Credit Hours 2.0 Lecture
Prerequisite None
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  • Because this is an online hybrid, reading will be important in following instructions and learning content material at times.
  • Students will read summaries of listening texts to help them determine suitable listening materials.
  • Students will practice specific strategies for improving their listening fluency.
  • Students will listen extensively and report on their listening.
  • Students will give oral reports about their listening and discuss their listening with other students in a class session and online.
  • Students will listen extensively and report on their listening comprehension by way of a written log. Notes will include summaries, bullet points of main ideas, details from multiple listening sessions, and personal reaction to listening material.
  • Students will be given explicit vocabulary instruction on 300 vocabulary words from the COCA list. The focus will be on recognizing the vocabulary when spoken using syllables and stress, and definitions. Students will also notice and record recurring vocabulary in their listening texts.
  • Students will learn grammar points that relate specifically to listening (such as contractions and reductions) and will demonstrate understanding through written dictations.
  • The purpose of this class is to help you achieve your English and academic goals—specifically listening. Students should be able to apply what they learn in this class to many situations in the future studies and life.