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Joseph F. Smith Library

Phone: (808) 675-3850


Aldrich, Michael, Library Director (2011); B.S. 1996, Brigham Young University; M.L.I.S. 1997, Louisiana State University; M.P.A. 2000, State University of West Georgia.


  • Chew, Marynelle, Associate Librarian; Head of Acquisitions (1982); B.A. 1981, Brigham Young University; M.L.S. 1982, Brigham Young University.
  • DeMartini, Becky, Assistant Librarian; Reference/Technology Librarian (2006) B.S. 2001, Brigham Young University–Hawaii; M.L. I. S. 2005, University of Hawaii.
  • Falevai, Zoia, Assistant Librarian (2015) B.A. 2004, Brigham Young University-Hawaii; M.L.I.S.C 2013, University of Hawaii-Manoa.
  • Haderlie, Brooks, University Archivist (2017) B.S., B.A. 1979, Brigham Young University, M.S. 1983, Brigham Young University
  • Marshall, Justin, Assistant Librarian (2015) B.S. 1995, Brigham Young University-Hawaii: M.S. 2006, University of Illinois-Springfield; Ph.D 2015, Florida State University.



  • Fransen, Rex (1968-2008)
  • Moffat, Riley (1987-2014)
  • Smith, Phillip C. (1972-2005)
  • Versteeg, Betty (1995-2002)


The Joseph F. Smith Library is a key resource for students and faculty at BYU–Hawaii. There are three important ways that the library contributes to the mission of the university: by providing an environment that fosters study and scholarship, by providing a collection of current and accessible information resources, and by providing excellent services that support instruction, scholarship and learning.

At the library students and faculty will find both individual and group study areas. Many of the study areas are equipped with the technology tools to support research and other scholarly pursuits. Having the technology in the library gives students the ability to use all of the information resources of the library including books, journals, and digital resources. An excellent collection of information resources is available through the library. Special collections include the Pacific Islands Research Room, the Curriculum Library, and the University Archives.

To access these collections the Joseph F. Smith Library offers up-to-date electronic data information retrieval systems for the catalog and databases that support BYU–Hawaii academic areas. The library's website provides information about its collections and services. An extensive section is devoted to electronic information available at BYU–Hawaii and around the world. Remote access to the libraries' electronic resources is available to BYU–Hawaii students and faculty.

Library services are another important resource for students and faculty. Services include reference services, computerized search/research and bibliographic services, a special reserves service, circulation of print and non-print materials, interlibrary loan as well as personalized and customized library instruction.