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(CS 203) Object-Oriented Programming II

Advanced object-oriented software development. Polymorphism, overloading, exceptions, design, and documentation.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisite CIS 202
Offered Fall
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Course Outcomes

1. Recognize and apply the industry-recognized object-oriented design patterns to design software systems.
2. Write a program to solve a problem, given a problem description without necessarily a list of formal specifications.
3. Look up and use classes and methods from a published API.
4. Know when and how to use the following features of an object-oriented language: packages (or namespaces), nested classes, enumerated types.
5. Write a program that uses concurrency (multithreading).
6. Design applications that will scale smoothly to a variety of screen resolutions and densities.
7. Design applications that can be easily localized for international audiences.