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(POSC 322) Oceanic Governments and Politics

Explores the governments and politics of the island societies of Oceania, focusing on elections, political issues, social concerns, and historical backdrop.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites None
Offered Winter
Programs -

Course Outcomes

1. Have a clear understanding of the difference between Parliamentary, Presidential, and Semi Presidential (Dual Executive) democratic regimes.
2. Have a better understanding of the different types of governments that exist in the Pacific, 3Branches of government, their Executive, Economy, Political Parties, Elections, etc.
3. Know theories/model of bad and good governance and how these factors into Pacific systems of governance.
4. Know constitutional, customary, and traditional systems of governance, its positive and negative impacts on Pacific governance and societies.
5. Know the different types of political statuses and implications of future statuses of the Pacific.
6. Understand how civil society react or not react towards their government and why. Understand political culture, issues of nationality, citizenship, identity in relations to the political statuses of Pacific nations.
7. Know current political issues that Pacific nations are challenged with and what approaches to take to meet these challenges now and in the future.