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(EIL 331) Oral Fluency

Students participate in oral reports and discussions to build fluency and gain confidence in speaking in academic contexts.

Credit Hours 2.0 Lecture
Prerequisite None
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  • Texts will be used occasionally as discussion starters and points for discussion.
  • We will listen to students’ oral presentations and respond to classmates’ comments in group discussions. We will also practice clarifying meaning to make sure that we have heard correctly.
  • All class assignments and activities focus on developing oral fluency in academic English. Oral fluency is an important skill for effectively participating in class discussions.
  • Writing is not a focus of this course.
  • Academic discussions in class will provide opportunities to learn and use academic words.
  • Academic discussions in class will provide some grammar points to help you share ideas better.
  • The purpose of this class is to help you achieve your English and academic goals—specifically speaking. You should be able to apply what you learn in this class to many situations in your future studies and life.