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(CHEM 352L) Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

Synthesis, analysis, and identification of organic compounds using the techniques from CHEM 351L. Three-hour laboratory.

Credit Hours 1.0 Lab


Co- or prerequisite

CHEM 351/L

CHEM 352

Offered Winter
Programs -

Course Outcomes

1. To apply theoretical knowledge of organic chemistry to the practical application and synthesis of organic molecules.
2. To further understand characterization techniques used to identify organic functional groups and frameworks.
3. Understand and learn how to use the basic laboratory techniques of organic chemistry including reflux, simple and fractional distillation, recrystallization, melting points, extraction, and flash column chromatography.
4. Understand, learn and observe laboratory safety guidelines and procedures.
5. Understand and use proper methods of recording laboratory observations and results in a laboratory notebook.
6. Understand the proper methods for the reporting of scientific data.