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(EXS 420) Physical Activity in Public Health

A course examining the study of public health and physical activity, the health effects of exercise and physical activity, and strategies for effective physical activity promotion. Students with an interest in diverse health-related employment settings (e.g., public health, health care, business, nonprofit, wellness, medicine) can learn how to contribute to the promotion of physical activity in public health at the national, state, or local level and prepare to become certified as a physical activity in public health specialist.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites None
Offered Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. The learner will obtain the ability to make partnerships with a variety of disciplines and organizations to promote physical activity.
  2. The learner will identify and use public health data and scientific information to develop and promote physical activity programs.
  3. The learner will know how to plan and evaluate physical activity interventions.
  4. The learner will learn how to recommend, coordinate, and educate others in regard to appropriate interventions.
  5. The learner will understand the organizational structure to identify appropriate resources, budgeting, policies, and grants.
  6. The learner will understand how exercise science works in a public health setting.