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Political Science (BA)

Hours - 43 Credit Hours
Effective Sep. 2017
Last Revised 7/23/2020

Program Requirements

I. Required courses — 25 Credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
POSC 101 Introduction to Politics F, W, S 3.0
POSC 110 or
POSC 170
The U.S. Political System
International Relations
F, W, S 3.0
POSC 190 Foundations of Critical Thinking F, W, S 3.0
POSC 202 History of Political Philosophy F, W 3.0
POSC 220 Historical Systems of Power F, S 3.0
POSC 230 Fundamentals of Good Governance F, W 3.0
POSC 280 Professionalism in the Political Environment F, W, S 1.0
POSC 300 Political Inquiry and Writing F, W 3.0
POSC 304 Quantitative Political Research F, W 3.0

II. Advanced Content — 12 Credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
POSC 318 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations Variable 3.0
POSC 322 Oceanic Governments and Politics W 3.0
POSC 330 Introduction to Public Administration W 3.0
POSC 331 Public Policy W 3.0
POSC 335 Issues of Terrorism F 3.0
POSC 338 Poverty and Civil Conflict Variable 3.0
POSC 340 Asian Governments and International Relations S 3.0
POSC 343R Asian Empires and Societies S 3.0
POSC 345 Power in the Vietnam War W 3.0
POSC 350 International Law S 3.0
POSC 352/
BUSM 342
Ethics and the Legal Environment/
Business Law and Ethics
F, W, S 3.0
POSC 354 Legal Research and Writing S 3.0
POSC 356 International Legal Drafting and Transactions W 3.0
POSC 358 Comparative Law F 3.0
POSC 362 International Political Economy W 3.0
POSC 364 Conflict Bargaining and Management F 3.0
POSC 366 Politics and Economics of the Developing World F 3.0
POSC 384 The United Nations and Intergovernmental Organizations F 3.0
POSC 386 Pacific Regionalism and Conflict F 3.0
POSC 390R Special Topics in Political Science Variable 3.0
POSC 392R Field Study Variable 3.0
POSC 495R Independent Study Variable 3.0
POSC 496R Student Research Variable 3.0

Electives may include any two of the following

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
ECON 350 Economic Development W 3.0
PMGT 300 Public Policy W 3.0
PMGT 350 Crisis Management W 3.0
PMGT 360 Disaster Management F 3.0

III. Capstone & Internship — 6 Credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
POSC 410 or The Constitution of the United States F 3.0
POSC 420 or Complexity and Public Policy W 3.0
POSC 470 or International Relations Theory S 3.0
PMGT 499 Public Management F 3.0
POSC 498R* or Political Science Internship F, W, S 3.0
POSC 499 Political Science Research and Writing W 3.0

    * Only three credits of internship are required to fulfill the requirement. Further internship credits will not be substituted for electives vis-à-vis completion of the Political Science major.

    No grade less than C-will be counted towards the major.

    Program Outcomes

    Upon completing a major in Political Science, students will:

    • Write an effective research paper using professional formats;
    • Write an effective persuasive/analytical essay/report;
    • Demonstrate competence using logical/analytical skills;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of political philosophy/theory;
    • Demonstrate the critical reading skills needed to engage professional journals/monographs;
    • Demonstrate content mastery in International Relations, Law, US Government, Asia/Pacific, or Public Management;
    • Conduct an effective oral presentation;
    • Complete a meaningful internship or capstone paper.