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(CIS 405) Systems Engineering II

A continuation of CIS 305, usually taken the previous semester. Systems design, implementation, validation, and maintenance. Uses team projects.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites CIS 305, IS 350
Offered Winter, Spring
Programs -

Course Outcomes

1. Master how to transform an analysis model to a design model using object oriented package diagrams (Ch 7)
2. Understand SAD design strategies and how to select the appropriate type (Ch 7)
3. Understand the basic characteristics of OO programming constructs that support SAD (Ch 8)
4. Understand project constraints and contracts (Ch 8)
5. Understand database formats and how they support the data management layer (Ch 9)
6. Understand the basic principles guiding Human Computer Interaction (Ch 10)
7. Master how to create a windows navigation diagram and interface template (Ch 10)
8. Understand the elements required in a physical architecture layer, functional / non-functional requirements and specifications (Ch 11)
9. Understand the art of managing programming, designing system testing and documentation (Ch 12)
10. Understand the different system conversion options available to project managers, the art of change management and post-implementation activities (Ch 13)