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(TESOL 329) Teaching Writing

Principles, procedures, and materials for teaching English writing skills to speakers of other languages.

Credit Hours 2.0 Lecture
Pre or corequisite TESOL 310
Offered Fall
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  • Students will read and analyze research related to the teaching and learning of L2 writing skills. Students will compare approaches and discuss how contextual factors influence instructional choices.
  • Students will tutor ESL students throughout the semester, using the principles and techniques from TESOL 429. Students will prepare additional instructional materials for other teaching contexts.
  • Students will create various written academic assignments that require advanced-level English reading and writing skills. Students will regularly participate in peer discussions about academic articles.
  • Students will become familiar with numerous TESOL and SLA journals, as well as professional organizations and conferences, such as the Second Language Writing Symposium.
  • Students will complete self-reflection activities in conjunction with course assignments.