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Tesol (BA)

Hours - 47 Credit Hours
Effective Jan. 2020
Last Revised 7/24/2020

Program Requirements

TESOL Prerequisites - 6 Credits

After successful completion of TESOL 240 and LING 210 (the introductory core classes) with a C+ or higher, the student will submit application form for acceptance into the major.

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
TESOL 240 Introduction to TESOL F, W, S 3.0
LING 210 Introduction to Linguistics F, W, S 3.0

TESOL Sophomore - 13 Credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
LING 260 Phonology F, W 3.0
LING 331 Sociolinguistics W, S 3.0
EDU 305 Computer and Technology Assisted Instruction F, W, S 2.0
TESOL 375 Observation in TESOL F, W 2.0
TESOL 310 TESOL Principles and Methods F, W, S 3.0

TESOL Junior and Senior - 13 Credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
LING 321 English Syntax W 3.0
LING 423 Language Acquisition F 3.0
TESOL 400 Second Language Testing and Research Methods F 3.0
TESOL 380 Internship Preparation F, W, S 1.0
TESOL 399R Internship in TESOL F, W, S 2.0
TESOL 490 TESOL Senior Seminar F, W, S 1.0

    Choose Six - 12 Credits

    Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
    TESOL 324 Teaching Listening F 2.0
    TESOL 327 Teaching Speaking W 2.0
    TESOL 328 Teaching Reading S 2.0
    TESOL 329 Teaching Writing F 2.0
    TESOL 330 Teaching English to Young Learners W 2.0
    LING 383 /
    IPB 383
    Peace Linguistics W 3.0
    TESOL 405 Technology Assisted Language Instruction F, S 2.0
    TESOL 425 Teaching Vocabulary F 2.0
    TESOL 426 Teaching Grammar S 2.0
    ELED/SCED 430 Classroom Management F, W 2.0

      Choose One:

      Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours
      LANG 201 3.0
      EIL Completion:
      Test out of EIL:

      Graduation Requirements:

      TESOL majors are required to complete three semesters of a foreign language. Non-native speakers may fulfill the language requirement by either completing EIL or demonstrating proficiency above the EIL level.

      No grade below C- accepted

      Program Outcomes


      • Students can articulate a knowledge of human language and how it is learned and taught.


      • Students demonstrate they can apply what they have learned within a teaching situation.

      Professional Identity

      • Students demonstrate a sense of professionalism through improving personal language proficiency.
      • Students participate in TESOL professional communities and utilize TESOL resources.
      • Students display a sense of self-awareness and efficacy by demonstrating an understanding of what strengths and weaknesses they bring to the TESOL professions and how they can capitalize on their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses.