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(POSC 384) The United Nations and Intergovernmental Organizations

Investigates the structure, purpose, function, politics, and aims of the United Nations as well as other major intergovernmental organizations.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites None
Offered Fall
Programs -

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, students should accomplish these objectives:

  1. Acquire a more transparent understanding of the UN functions, structure, and organizations.
  2. Have a firm understanding on international politics, international law, and the UN’s choice of policy making in comparison to real-world issues.
  3. Have a better understanding of all international conflict and the UN’s efforts in the past, present, and future in combating these conflicts.
  4. Understanding voting and voting coalition of member states and international organizations.
  5. Overview of power dynamics within the UN affecting voting procedures, policy making and the Un Security Council.
  6. Carry out an academic research and complete a research paper covering relevant topics pertaining to the course and lectures.
  7. Write a resolution and participate in the Model UN Competition towards the end of the semester representing a state, NGO, or an International Organization.
  8. Understand diplomacy and culture of the UN and International Organizations.