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Time Allotment for Campus Enrollment

BYU–Hawaii has a year-round academic calendar with fall, winter, and spring semesters. Students are expected to attend all three semesters and graduate within four years. Students may be permitted to complete their degree beyond four years if the relevant requirements are completed away from campus. (i.e., online courses at the end of their studies). Furthermore, the four-year limit may be extended to accommodate an internship for credit if the internship site is located off-island in the student’s home country or elsewhere in the non-U.S. Asia-Pacific region. All other internships must be completed within the four years.

Within this allotment of four years, students must make progress towards a degree in order to maintain their eligibility to graduate in their desired major. Students who fail to make progress because of repeated failures will still need to finish within four years, but they may need to graduate with a different major or with an associate’s degree.

Although students may elect to take elective courses or programs beyond those required to complete the Holokai requirements, participation in these additional courses or programs does not grant a student any additional allotment of residency.

For students who test into intermediate-level English as an International Language (EIL) classes, the four-year allotment does not commence until the student completes two semesters of EIL or when the student begins Academic I Level coursework (whichever comes first).

Students enrolled in EIL courses who are not engaging in their studies by attending class and doing their assignments or who cannot make progress after repeating EIL core courses may be suspended for lack of progress.

BYU–Hawaii students are expected to attend classes during all three semesters each year. Requests for a leave of absence (LOA) during one of the semesters must be approved by the university by the dean of students. Note that special rules may apply for international students because of immigration laws.

The time allotment for students with previous college credit will be prorated based on the principle of a four-year total following evaluation of credits accepted.