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(ART 355) Intermediate Ceramics

This course is an intermediate level investigation into the techniques used to create three dimensional art pieces in clay and the history of ceramics. Students will choose to focus either on wheel throwing or hand building. They will then create art in that vein and research professional artists and explore the history of their area of focus. This course is a chance for students to dive deep into whatever aspect of ceramics they are most interested in. Students will be expected to develop a unique style and voice within their focus area.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites ART 119 and ART 255
Offered Winter
Programs Visual Arts (BA), Visual Arts (BFA), Minor in Sculpture, Visual Arts Minor

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Improve and refine your mastery of the techniques of working with clay and glazes.
  2. Learn to use the elements of design as a visual language to express yourself as an artist.
  3. Refine your ability to conceptualize and visualize objects in three dimensions.
  4. Begin to define your voice and identity as an artist and identify where you and your work fit into the broader art world.
  5. Understand where the kind of work you are interested in doing fits into the ark of art history.
  6. Gain an awareness of what other artists are doing in your chosen field of expression.
  7. Demonstrate studio proficiency in hand crafted visual art production techniques.
  8. Demonstrate methods of critical thinking through critique, compositional analysis, and interpretation of the elements and principles of design.
  9. Demonstrate informed understanding and appreciation of art history, theories of art, and the role of art in education through written and oral communication.