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Visual Arts Minor

Hours - 15 Credit Hours
Effective Sep. 2022
Last Revised 9/19/2022
Holokai Category: Arts & Humanities
Sponsoring Program: Visual Arts
Faculty Unit Assignment: Faculty of Faculty of Arts & Letters

Program Requirements

Studio Options — 9-12 Credits

Take at least three (3) of the following:

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours Prerequisites
ART 119 Drawing and Design Principles F, W 3.0
ART 156 Three Dimensional Concepts F, W, S 3.0
ART 210 Digital Design F, W, S 3.0 ART 119
ART 212 Digital Photography F, W, S 3.0 ART 119
ART 220 Experience in Visual Arts F, W, S 3.0
ART 225 Painting Concepts F, S 3.0
ART 265 Beginning Sculpture F, W 3.0
ART 312 Intermediate Photography W 3.0 ART 210, 212
ART 447 Book Arts S 3.0 ART 119 or portfolio review

Academic Options — 3-6 Credits

Take at least one (1) of the following:

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours Prerequisites
ART 201 Global Art History I F, W, S 3.0 ENGL 101
ART 202 Global Art History II F, W 3.0 ENGL 101
ART 306 Global Art History III F, S 3.0 ENGL 101, ART 201 or 202
ART 316 Graphic Design History F, S 3.0 ART 201 or 202
FILM 102 Introduction to Film F, W, S 3.0 ENGL 101

Additional Program Requirements

All passing grades will be accepted in fulfilling minor or certificate requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completing a major in art, students will:

  1. Demonstrate studio proficiency in hand crafted visual art production techniques.
  2. Demonstrate studio proficiency in digital imaging and computer software production techniques.
  3. Demonstrate methods of critical thinking through critique, compositional analysis, and interpretation of the elements and principles of design.
  4. Demonstrate informed understanding and appreciation of the history of art, theories of art, and the role of art in education through written and oral communication.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in professional practices of visual arts documentation and presentation through portfolio production and exhibition.
  6. Demonstrate leadership and self-directed learning through independent study, student research and internship.