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(ART 447) Book Arts

This course will explore theory, methods, processes and design skills integral to book design and bookbinding. Design methodology and processes are explored through the development of assignments. They will learn to bind books by hand, refining their tactile skills and craftsmanship. Fee required.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisite ART 119 or Portfolio Review
Offered Spring
Programs Visual Arts (BA), Visual Arts (BFA), Visual Arts Minor

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively verbally and visually in presenting their ideas and work.
  2. Apply design principles to 2D and 3D forms.
  3. Enhance their knowledge of various bookbinding techniques and improve craftsmanship.
  4. Learn to design books with concept.
  5. Gain understanding of the book design in graphic design history.
  6. Have the confidence to work independently on projects in and outside of the classroom setting.