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(ART 201) Global Art History I

Studies of global art history from the prehistory to the middle ages.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites ENGL 101
Offered Fall, Winter, Spring
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Course Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the ability to identify and analyze artworks by title, artist/architect, medium, time period, and geographic origin.
2. Demonstrate informed understanding and appreciation of the role of art in history.
3. Demonstrate understanding of techniques and media used in art production.
4. Demonstrate methods of critical thinking through the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of works of art.
5. Demonstrate the ability to evaluate artworks and place them in their proper historic and stylistic context.
6. Develop information literacy through research and critical thinking to understand, use, and evaluate evidence and sources. Articulate what they have learned in writing and orally.
7. Avoid plagiarism and be completely honest in all assessments.