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(ELED 430) Classroom Management

An in-depth study of effective classroom management practices in the public school classroom. Emphasis will be placed on specific applications in the classroom for the master teacher.

Credit Hours 2.0 Lecture
Prerequisite EDU 312
Corequisite ELED 491 (except non-certification track)
Offered Fall, Winter
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Course Outcomes

  1. Students can describe proven classroom management theories and models that provide a safe, positive classroom environment.
  2. Students can develop and write their own Classroom Management Plan which will include their philosophy of classroom management and articulate how these proven models will fit into their philosophy.
  3. Students can understand and apply positive, proven, appropriate behavior prevention and intervention strategies to deal with inconsequential, consequential, and difficult behaviors in diverse and inclusive classroom settings.
  4. Students can be aware of Chapter 19 in the State of Hawaii Department of Education Administrative Rules (Student Behavior and Discipline).