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(EDU 312) Effective Pedagogy

An in-depth study of research-based effective teaching practices in the public school classroom. Emphasis will be placed on specific applications to effective teaching models, lesson planning models, and other practices involved in classroom responsibilities for the master teacher.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate educational theories and research in effective teaching which promote greater student achievement.
  2. Demonstrate effective research-based teaching models by applying them in teaching experiences.
  3. Write standards-based lesson plans.
  4. Teach your standards based lesson plan effectively using multiple instructional approaches and strategies.
  5. Reflect metacognitively on your teaching in order to improve teaching performance.
  6. Write effective lesson plans based on measurable outcomes.
  7. Demonstrate ability to ensure lesson plans are properly aligned with outcomes, standards, and learner needs.
  8. Collaborate with peers and other professionals to gain better student achievement.
  9. Demonstrate scaffolding and differentiation, including UDL in writing lesson plans and teaching the lesson.