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(EDU 212) Foundations of Education

Basic foundations of education as related to law, philosophy, teaching models and trends. Selected international comparisons are included. Observation in elementary schools is included.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Discuss, share experiences, and examine current and past events that led them to their decision to choose a teacher career.
  2. Justify personal dispositions that will contribute to their success as a teacher.
  3. Compare and contrast the BYUH program of teacher preparation and requirements for licensing in Hawaii or another state, or an international country.
  4. Defend the nature of today's students and their families with a special focus on those in their target location; factors impacting today's classrooms and schools with a special focus on those schools in their target location; facets of curriculum and successful teaching in today's schools; and the steps leading forward to the teacher they want to become.
  5. Compare and contrast how the K-12 curriculum in organized in Hawaii, the US, and their target location.
  6. Relate realities of student and teacher interaction, as they have experienced them in their own life and also at Laie Elementary School, to the work of teaching.