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(PAIS 200) A Place to Stand - Recognizing Place, Purpose & Positionality on Native Land

This course examines cultural constructs of place, purpose, and position through the lens of turangawaewae. This Māori word is made up of two important ideologies (1) tūranga or place of standing, and (2) waewae or feet. Combined, the word is often translated as 'a place to stand.’ Tūrangawaewae are places where we feel especially empowered and connected. They are our foundation, our place in the world, our home.

Credit Hours3.0 Lecture
PrerequisitesPAIS 105
OfferedFall, Winter, Spring
ProgramsPacific Studies (BA), Pacific Studies Minor

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Appropriately apply the theories, topics, and discussion to the immediate and future experiences while attending BYU–Hawaii.
  2. Analyze their immediate, personal, and adopted community based on their understanding of the theories, discussions, and topics.
  3. Effectively communicate information and understanding from the class