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Office of the Registrar, LSB First Floor, (808) 675-3736

Registering for Courses with P and NP Grades

P is used to indicate the successful completion of a course taken on the pass/not-pass option. This option is available to students at the university as a means of encouraging study outside the chosen major and is limited to one course per semester. An elective course, a course for which credit is received by examination, and any course specifically designated may utilize the pass/not-pass option. Classes in the student’s major (with some exceptions), religion, general education core, or EIL classes may not be taken with this option. Students electing this option will be given the P grade if their work in the course is rated as equivalent to C or better. If the work is not rated at this level, NP will appear on the permanent record. The P and NP are not included in the computation of the grade point average. Students who desire to register for courses with the Pass/Not Pass option may do so by submitting a request on an add form with the proper approval to the Office of the Registrar. Some classes do not allow P/NP and will, therefore not accept a P/NP designation. Pass/Not Pass option is available up to the third day of the semester. Courses taken as Pass/Not Pass are not included in the computation of grade point average for honor roll distinction.

Student Debt Policy

Effective Winter 2021 Semester, the University will strictly enforce its current policy for student debt. Students who have a remaining balance of $1,200 or greater at the beginning of the Winter 2021 Semester will not be able to remain registered or enroll for classes. Immediate consequences include:

  • Registered classes for the coming semester will be dropped.
  • No access to on-campus housing.
  • No student employment.
  • SEVIS record terminated (for international students).
  • No release of the diploma (for graduating students).

Beginning Fall 2021 Semester, all student debt from prior semesters must be paid in full before a student may enroll or remain enrolled for the coming semester. Only debt for the current semester will be allowed on the student account. Students with debt from prior semesters will not be able to remain registered or enroll for classes. Email with any questions. *Same policy can be found under ‘Registration’ and ‘Tuition and Fees.’

Final Exam Schedule

Final exams are to be offered on a specific day and time as determined by the official final exam schedule. Students must plan travel, family visits, etc., in a way that will not interfere with their final exams. Less expensive airfares, more convenient travel arrangements, family events or activities, and any other non-emergency reasons are not considered justification for early or late final exams.

Exceptions to this policy should be submitted in writing to the dean of the faculty as soon as possible.

Course Fees

See Tuition and Fees page.

Student Leave of Absence

See the Student Leave of Absence Policy.