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(ENGL 330) Writing for the Professions

An introductory course designed to improve the general professional writing competence of all majors. The course focuses on the practice and study of selected types of discourse employed in various organizations and helps prepare students for different kinds of writing they will encounter in their professional lives.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisite ENGL 101
Offered Fall
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  1. Analyze and evaluate audience/purpose/ delivery as they apply to professional writing contexts.
  2. Produce clear, concise, effective audience and purpose specific
    professional rhetoric.
  3. Actively plan and participate in a collaborative project.
  4. Incorporateprocess(research, invention, writing, revision, and editing)into all writing tasks; through multiple drafts create document fluency.
  5. Analyze multiple writings from appropriateprofessionsAdapt tone and style for appropriate rhetorical purposes.
  6. Conduct primary and secondary research relevant to topic.
  7. Give and receive constructive criticism among peers.
  8. Use current technology to design accurate and visually appealing PowerPoint slides that will maximize the effectiveness of written and oral reports.
  9. Develop strategies to facilitate communication across ethnic and/or business culture.