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Introduction to Chemistry Minor

Hours - 12 Credit Hours
Effective Sep. 2017
Last Revised 10/01/2020
Holokai Category: Math & Sciences

Program Requirements

Required — 12 credits

Course Number Title Semesters Offered Credit Hours Prerequisites
CHEM 105** General Chemistry I F, W 3.0 MATH 110 with a C- or better (MATH 110 can be a corequisite if MATH 101 was completed-see Advisor), or ACT Math score 24+, or SAT Math score 590+. High school chemistry or CHEM 101 highly recommended.
CHEM 106** General Chemistry II W, S 3.0 CHEM 105/L w/C- or better
*CHEM Any 6 credits of any other CHEM courses, including labs Variable 6.0 Based on the selected courses, all prerequisites listed in the catalog must be met.

Additional Program Requirements

*CHEM 100, 399R, 495R or 496R cannot count toward fulfilling the Introduction to Chemistry Minor.

**Please contact your academic advisor (email is preferred) if you wish to enroll in this class without its concurrent lab.

The Introduction to Chemistry Minor is not available to students majoring in Biochemistry and/or Biology.

All passing grades will be accepted in fulfilling minor or certificate requirements.

    Program Outcomes