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(MATH 214) Multivariable Calculus

Basic concepts and applications of vector calculus, multidimensional calculus, partial derivatives, and multiple integrations.

Credit Hours 5.0 Lecture
Prerequisite MATH 213
Corequisite MATH 301 recommended
Offered Winter, Spring
Programs Math Education (BS), Mathematics (BS), Mathematics Minor

Course Learning Outcomes

The table below indicates which outcomes will be addressed in Math 214. (List of CLOs below aligns to the PLOs):

  1. Use algebraic, exponential, and trigonometric formulas in the context of multi-dimensional models.
  2. Perform the operations of calculus on functions and formulas in two or more dimensions.
  3. Be able to read and use theorems involving calculus of several variables, or calculus of vectors.
  4. Demonstrate mathematical thinking in written format and oral communication.
  5. Use of calculators and/or computer programs will be encouraged throughout the course.
  6. Participate in class discussion about the role of calculus and its applications in related fields.