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(ELED 451) Math Methods for Elementary Teachers, Part II

Students build on the foundation learned in Part 1, examining elementary mathematics from a theoretical and practical background, focusing on the upper elementary learner, Third through Sixth Grade. Emphasis will be placed on applying research-based strategies, using manipulatives to establish a solid math foundation for the upper elementary grades.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites EDU 312, ELED 347
Corequisite ELED 491 (except non-certification track)
Offered Fall, Winter
Programs -

Course Outcomes

  1. Students can explain the difference between conceptual and procedural math skills and show how each is used in the Common Core State Standards(CCSS)and the NCTM standards.
  2. Students can effectively prepare, deliver and analyze a developmentally appropriate math lesson plan.
  3. Students can describe and apply the importance and benefits for K-6 students of the eight mathematical practices from the CCSS.
  4. Students can describe multiple effective pedagogical methods for teaching the mathematical content required in grades 3-6 in the Common Core State Standards.
  5. Each student can create a standards-based unit for the math curriculum with appropriate methods of instruction and assessment.