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(PHYS 205) Physics I

A calculus-based general physics course. Topics include mechanics, fluids, waves and sound. This course is designed to meet the requirements of science majors. An excellent understanding of algebra, trigonometry, and calculus (introductory differentiation and integration) is required. Concurrent registration in PHYS 155L strongly recommended.

Credit Hours 4.0 Lecture
Prerequisites MATH 212 and either high school trigonometry or MATH 111, and passing a comprehensive mathematics exam during the first week of the semester. Sample math exam available in Canvas.
Offered Fall
Programs Biology (BS)

Course Learning Outcomes

Each student who passes this course will be able to do the following:

  1. Students will increase their understanding of classical mechanics, fluids, oscillations, and waves. They will also develop their problem-solving skills by solving many physics problems.