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(MATH 212) Calculus I

Basic theoretical concepts and applications of differentiation and integration. Applications in two-dimensional analytic geometry are provided.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course promotes the development of critical thinking and is also a prerequisite for many programs. The Math department has established eight outcomes for graduating majors. The table below indicates which outcomes will be addressed in MATH 212:

  1. Algebra is the foundation of calculus. By the end of this course, students’ algebra skills should be considerably higher.
  2. The primary emphasis in this course is differential and integral calculus.
  3. Definitions and theorems, both abstract and applied, must be understood.
  4. Proofs will be done in class and one proof at most will be given on each test.
  5. Written answers is expected on some tests.
  6. Applying major definitions and theorems is expected.
  7. Calculators will be used a little bit but the vast majority of problems will be done by hand.
  8. Students will see how calculus is applied in “the real world." Calculus is also a requirement for many graduate schools.