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BYU–Hawaii Mission and Vision


The mission of BYU–Hawaii is to prepare students of Oceania and the Asian Rim to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ and leaders in their families, communities, chosen fields, and in building the kingdom of God.


To be an example to the world of intercultural peace and unity through living the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

A set of institutional learning outcomes was developed to assess acquisition of the necessary academic characteristics necessary to fulfill this mission and vision. Accordingly, a BYU–Hawaii graduate’s preparation for a lifetime of service is demonstrated by:

  • Breadth and depth of knowledge.
  • The thinking skills and character of a servant-leader, which are the
    • Ability to
      • Inquire.
      • Analyze.
      • Communicate.
    • Disposition to act with
      • Integrity.
      • Stewardship.
      • Service.