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(BUSM 429) Strategic Marketing Management

This is the capstone Marketing course. Working in groups, students work with a client on a major marketing consulting project that involves marketing research, strategy and creativity, culminating in a written report and oral presentation. Readings and cases focused on marketing strategy will also be discussed.

Credit Hours 3.0 Lecture
Prerequisites BUSM 304 with a B- or better, BUSM 421 and BUSM 422
Offered Fall, Winter
Programs -

Course Outcomes

1. Speak fluently about the higher level principles and vocabulary of marketing in today’s ever-changing industry such as: UX (User Experience), blogging, social content creation, visual content creation, Google Analytics, influencers, etc.
2. Use critical thinking skills acquired in class to apply marketing principles and concepts to solve real-world problems
3. Understand and apply the marketing process including the following: analyzing and understanding the market, conceiving a marketing strategy, developing a more detailed marketing plan, customer-centric based theories, and all aspects of digital marketing tools
4. Deliver effective marketing presentations that include analytical and visual components including data, video, graphic design, etc.
5.Write well-organized, incisive, and persuasive marketing analyses and plans for digital, social, and blog media distribution channels
6. Demonstrate an ability to work productively in a team and speak to these experiences in a job interview setting