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Course designed for students wanting to learn the basic skill of dancing in waltz, cha-cha, and other ball room dancing skills.
Athletic Conditioning is a course which will teach the student to prescribe detailed and comprehensive training and conditioning programs for a variety of sports settings and activities.
An online course designed to teach principles and practices of a healthy lifestyle of wellness and being.
The course designed for those students wanting to learn the basic dance skills of Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, and Fiji.
A course designed for those interested in theatrical dance in areas such as refinement of gesture, mannerisms, and general movement skills relative to character portrayal.
An in-depth study of the legal liability, risk, and insurance management responsibilities of professionals in physical education and its related fields. Emphasis will be placed on a basic understanding of legal terminology, case research, and experiential learning through most situational encounters.
This course will examine issues of management and organizational behavior within the broad context of the sports industry, with specific reference to issues of staffing, motivation, and communication. We will also discuss leadership theory, as well as the tools and techniques for its practical applications, including how to most effectively apply leadership theory on a daily basis within a sports organization.
Course designed to certify students to train and certify lifeguards and teach CPR and First Aid for American Red Cross. WFI instructor certification included. Fee required.
A course exploring the study of medical and wellness tourism including its history and development, how to manage and market medical and wellness tourism, the international industry of health and wellness, and the development of medical and wellness destinations. Students with a desire to work in any form of medicine, wellness, insurance/healthcare industry professionals, tourism, hospitality, or management may benefit from this course.
A course examining the study of public health and physical activity, the health effects of exercise and physical activity, and strategies for effective physical activity promotion. Students with an interest in diverse health-related employment settings (e.g., public health, health care, business, nonprofit, wellness, medicine) can learn how to contribute to the promotion of physical activity in public health at the national, state, or local level and prepare to become certified as a Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist.
Treatment and care of common athletic injuries. Instructor’s permission needed. Fee required.
Principle objectives and philosophies influencing physical education.
The Seminar is designed for junior and senior students (with respect to graduation). Students will design, write a proposal, and have approved the senior project.
*Note: All sports fundamentals courses 230-247 are for those majoring in the EXS program.
*Note: All sports fundamentals courses 230-247 are for those majoring in the EXS program.
*Note: All sports fundamentals courses 230-247 are for those majoring in the EXS program.
*Note: All sports fundamentals courses 230-247 are for those majoring in the EXS program.
The course will empower students with tangible skills while providing the ability to graduate with a professional credential that is legally defensible and has national recognition in the field of personal training, the statistically most common job entered by graduates from Health and Fitness discipline. The student will be prepared to sit the board exam and can enter the job market as a certified personal trainer.
The course designed for those wanting experience in weight training. Topics vary and may include open classes, women-only classes, Olympic lifting classes, etc.